Monthly Archives: July 2013

GDU Update

It's time for another GDU update. As of July 15th we are sitting right at 1080 GDUs which is about 76 behind what we are at on average at this time of year with a planting date of May 1st. Although we may be behind a little, the crops seem to be doing great and...
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Plot Day

Save the date! Our annual plot day and customer appreciation supper is set for Tuesday August 20th. Come out for a hot meal prepared by Wurst Machers and stick around for a tour of our corn and soybean plots. There will be drawings to win prizes for the whole family. Once again we would like...
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agKnowledge Newsletter

As we continue on throughout the year there are a few things we would like you to be aware of while scouting your crops. In the latest agKnowledge Newsletter you will read about scouting for soybean aphids, scouting for corn rootworm damage, weed management, controlling volunteer corn in soybeans, and fungicide applications.  Also if there...
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