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Climate Fieldview

As we continue to try to offer products and services that are helpful to our customers in managing their data and analyzing decisions made each year, we have decided to offer our growers the Climate Fieldview app. We believe that this app can help our growers manage their nitrogen better and also increase efficiency on...
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Inoculant Meeting

Just an added reminder to the invite that was sent out that there is an inoculant meeting here at the Domnick Seeds office on Friday January 17th at 8:00 AM which will run until about 11:00. If you are interested in coming and would like to know more please call Jim, Read more


We have recently added a service for our growers that allows each grower to view their planting and harvest data that they share with Domnick Seeds. You will also be able to view weather data, soil test data, and soil type information. We hope that this will be more convenient to our growers that they...
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Yield Results

As we work our way through the harvest season we continue to get test plot results back from our many plots around the area. We decided that we should place them here on our website so that you can see how our products are doing in plots around the area. Follow any of the links...
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