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Another Newsletter from Dekalb Agronomist Harmon Wilts

Well another planting season is upon us, and I have the same question many of you have, will this year be better than last year? As we begin to assess our early stands of corn and soybean, it is imperative that we make those assessments as soon as possible.  Making those assessments early gives you the greatest number of options.

In addition, we need to gather what I call, “field intelligence” on such things as early season diseases, weed species and growth, and in some cases early season pest issues like slugs.

Using the scouting tools that are available from The Climate Corporation is an excellent way to share locations with consultants, technical agronomists, and the district sales manager.  Managing the margin this year is perhaps even more important than in years past, and the Nitrogen Monitoring Tool available in Climate FieldView™ Pro can help cover those razor thin margins in 2017.

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