Domnick Seeds News

Corn Leaf Diseases

Summer is here and many of you have been scouting your fields looking at different diseases and damaged corn. We decided to give you a little reading material to help you with your scouting efforts that will help identify diseases and give some management options. Also we would like to update everyone on where we...
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Delayed Planting

We continue to get rain and cool weather and have been receiving questions about changing hybrids and switching to soybeans. As we continue to wait for warmer weather there are a few things to consider and we would like to assist in making profitable decisions for your operations. Please take a look at the latest...
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Data Privacy

Many people have questions on what happens to their data once they give us permission to use it for FieldScripts. We want to assure you that your data is safe and will not be used for anything but the products that you request. We understand the growing concern of data privacy and we wish to...
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Inoculant Meeting

Just an added reminder to the invite that was sent out that there is an inoculant meeting here at the Domnick Seeds office on Friday January 17th at 8:00 AM which will run until about 11:00. If you are interested in coming and would like to know more please call Jim, Read more