DEKALB & Asgrow

Quality Products = Success


Here at Domnick Seeds we sell Asgrow and Dekalb because we think that their products are the best that you can buy. As we continue to push for higher yields to feed the growing world we believe Asgrow and Dekalb have what it takes to do just that. With Dekalb’s drought tolerant hybrids and Asgrow’s Rock Star products we are confident that our products will perform as technology continues to improve the products we sell. We trust that with the help of Asgrow and Dekalb our customers can continue to grow larger and better crops year after year.

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Seed Resource Guide

The Right Seed For Your Field

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There is no need to search through hundreds of pages to find the right seed for your fields. agSeedSelect lets you create your own custom seed guide with recommendations based on your specific zip code and crops. You can save guides and reduce hassle. Plus, you can store your customized seed guide for quick and easy reference – you can Email and print hard copies as needed too.

agSeedSelect also includes custom videos offering detailed information on the use of DEKALB and Asgrow products. Not even the most comprehensive printed seed guide can do that.

Visit agSeedSelect today for these benefits:

  • Your Fields, Your Solutions
  • Convenient & Portable 
  • Saveable & Sharable
  • Expert Guidance
  • MORE…
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A Powerful Resource


agAnytime is your source for timely agronomic information tailored to your region. Use the powerful filtering system to find articles relevant to your crops and search for specialized content by keyword.

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Proven Performance

Product Testing And Research


We have seen the results that come from planting the best. Our test plots from 1956 to today have proven that the research and technology that goes into Asgrow and DEKALB products has made measurable changes in what our customers can expect. Our Smartstax and RIB products continue to make our growers lives easier, and with Asgrow’s Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean technology, we know that we offer the best products on the market. From the earliest maturity hybrid to the latest DEKALB and Asgrow products perform and bring our growers better yields year after year.