Tony Domnick

Tony began working full-time for Domnick Seeds in 2012. Tony is Jim Domnick’s only son and will be the future when it comes to running the family business. He grew up on the farm helping his dad and grandpa with the seed business and the farm. Being Jim’s only son, Tony moved right into the business and he lends his real-world knowledge of operation that supports many aspects of the business.

Tony has quickly gained some valuable job experiences, including working multiple jobs helping local growers with their crops. He graduated from high school in 2012 and decided to stay on the farm and join the Domnick Seeds crew instead of going to more schooling. Tony enjoys farming and loves working with, and getting to know our seed customers. Domnick Seeds has grown quite a bit over the years and Tony hopes to keep the family business going strong.

Tony Domnick – Seed Operations Manager
Cell: 320-287-2003